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Love Coins



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What s this? Strong> a sack experience. Is not it would be nice sometimes, you should not put into words what you mean, and you re delivering on? The chips speak for you. Perhaps the most personal gift you can give to someone who is important to you and we have it all. the bag with chips, which promises an experience, such as when. breakfast in bed, massages, bathing, caressing intimate together to create. Who gets you chips, you can redeem your place in these services whenever you want. Not to speak, only hand over your choice of chips with a mysterious smile. The chip itself is not a gift! This is just the medium for nine special occasion. The gift you give, you re doing it all along, you do it yourself, but it s not about you, but the other man. The gift is 8-9 hours of shared experience, caring, and extremely playful eroticism Here are the chips. strong> first The value of your chips szeretgess
strong> The entire body of smooth through the ear to the toe. Your attention is completely on the other. to time on this little journey of discovery. Touch is a love and admiration, as if every fiber of your favorite small have. When are you to switch? When sensual pampering you desire, or after a tired day when a caring? a second Kiss me chip is: strong> Minimum experience equal to the first kiss. Detest the usual kiss invalid. Do you remember the date after a long, full of discovery and excitement to kiss? How about a second first date? a third Breakfast in bed, please chip is: strong> start to a perfect day. Do you know what kind of piping hot coffee and wake up to the smell of fresh toast? And that your spouse caring for the joy of serving you breakfast? Freshly squeezed orange juice, croissants with jam, or fried eggs? What you desire? The dessert is left of you. a fourth Massage the chip is: strong> A creative massage from head to toe. Only part of me not to be missed. Let s re-discovery of the body. Be careful while fully conscious and every small fine move, give up, get up. The proven scented oils, candles, nice music, highly recommended. Let this be the hour of indulgence. If you desire a massage, but pulls the bag of chips? 5 Embrace your chip is: strong> is redeemable if you desire more hug. Have you considered, so really, if he had lived three years on a deserted island after the long loneliness and see your love life to get out in a boat, who had been in your proximity you desire? how to hug you ...? How to squeeze yourself? 6 A sponge bath chip is: strong> Did you know that the darkness of the refined senses? Did you try to feel each other have been in complete darkness in a foamy bathtub or shower? Water flowing, steam, soap and body? 7 Cook me chip is: strong> Dear Gifted! Your job now is to take it to the repertoárodból the hottest gastronomic your knowledge and create a culinary specialty that even Jamie Oliver would envy. In addition to the romantic dinner by no means missing a good wine, candlelight, and the atmospheric music.


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Love Coins

Love Coins

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